The Experts

Brian Hicks

He's known as the original "Bull on America." Since 1994, Brian has shown investors how to profit from America's innovative and information-based economy.

Christian DeHaemer

Using a unique blend of value investing and a specific catalyst he calls "The Hammer, Trigger, and Spark System," Christian keeps your money in play and ensures rapid profits.

Briton Ryle

Briton makes use of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and good old-fashioned horse sense to help individual investors grow their wealth. He's a firm believer that hard work and thorough research leads to investment success.

Jeff Siegel

Jeff Siegel is the managing editor of Energy and Capital, Wealth Daily, Green Chip Stocks, and Liberty Briefing, and contributing analyst for the Energy Investor, an independent investment research service that focuses primarily on stocks in the oil & gas, modern energy and infrastructure markets.

Jason Stutman

Jason Stutman is Angel Financial's senior technology analyst and editor of investment advisory newsletters Technology and Opportunity and Topline Trader. His strategy for building winning portfolios is simple: Buy the disruptor, sell the disrupted. In today's rapidly changing market landscape, Jason helps keep his readers informed on the market's most important and evolving technological trends.

Alex Koyfman

Alex Koyfman is the managing editor and investment director of the Penny Stock Millionaire investment advisory, and a contributing editor to Wealth Daily. An avid trader since his late teens, Alex's expertise lies in high-upside, development stage technology and biotech companies.

Keith Kohl

A true insider in the energy markets, Keith's research has helped thousands of investors capitalize off the rapidly changing face of energy. Keith is one of the only financial reporters around who's actually visited Alberta's remote tar sands region to personally meet every major player in the booming Canadian oil operation.

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