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Welcome to Topline Trader, Angel Publishing’s premier biotech trading service.

Our strategy here at Topline Trader is simple: Identity major catalyst events in drug development, and position ourselves to profit handsomely from the wild price swings that follow.

Why We’re Here:

It’s no secret that when it comes to small, development stage biotech companies, all you need is a single event to send share prices flying.

FDA decisions, Licensing Deals, Regulatory Filings, and – you guessed it – Top-Line Data can all have enormous impact on small biotech stocks. In many cases, we’re looking at double or even triple digit swings from these kinds of events.

Simply put, there is no other sector of the market that allows traders to reliably predict these kinds of major stock swings. In the world of biotech and pharmaceuticals, it happens on a regular basis.

That’s why we’re here…

At Topline Trader we make it easy for the individual, Main Street investor to identify these kinds of catalyst events. We provide weekly event tracking updates and an interactive drug development calendar as part of the foundation of our trading service.

More importantly, we point our subscribers to the most compelling trade opportunities surrounding these events.

Our Strategy and The Benefit to You:

At Topline Trader we focus specifically on small stocks and only on major catalyst events that have the potential to move stocks by at least double digit or triple digit percentages.

But we don’t stop there. We go above and beyond what any other biotech trading service on the market has to offer.

We don’t just provide our members with an organized calendar of events and trading opportunities: we give you a magic number that will give you an enormous leg up on the rest of the market.

We call this magic number Chance of Success (CoS).

At any given point in a drug development trial, we can use CoS to tell you exactly how likely that drug is to make it through approval, using a sophisticated method that I’ll explain in a moment.

The point is, if you only want to bet on drug candidates with a 75% Chance of Success or higher, we can do that. In fact, that’s the bread and butter of our trading strategy.

If you want to bet against a drug that only has an 8% chance of success or less, though, we can do that too.

You see, we use or magic “Chance of Success” number to deploy a variety of different trading strategies. Whether you’re a novice simply looking to trade stocks, or veteran investor looking to straddle with options, we make sure these strategies are simple to understand and easy execute on your end.

We don’t just point our subscribers to the most compelling trading opportunities, either. As a members of Topline Trader, you can ask us about any drug candidate currently in development and we will tell you its Chance of Success.

Just call our Members’ line or shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you with all the information you need. After all, we’re here to work for you.

How We Do It:

Topline Trader is made possible not just by our team of dedicated stock analysts, but an international network of scientists and doctors whose sole purpose is to track and analyze drug development for us.

This network of over 250 professional is at the beck and call of our analysts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Every one of them has a PhD sitting on their wall, and most have Mds. Many are former bench scientists, which means they’ve worked in the same exact kind of laboratories that innovative drugs are being developed in today.

All it takes is one call and I can get these guys on the line. One message and they will give me any information or analysis I need. In fact, these folks will even reach out to me on occasion with their own stock “tips.”

Most importantly, this team knows how to read through and make sense of the data in ways the average investor never could. Using a sophisticated algorithm, based on everything from drug category to FDA decision history, they provide us with everything we need to generate our magic “Chance of Success” number.

As you might expect, access to this network isn’t cheap. We pay in the tens of thousands every year for those connections.

The good news is for you is our members don’t have to dish out even close to that amount.

I’m not at liberty to drop names but I can tell you this is the very same network used by the world’s leading investment institutions and drug developers. They have the money to dish out for those connections, and you can bet they use that access to get an edge on their competitors and the market.

The good news for us is that giant investment banks like JP Morgan and Bank of America don’t actually use this information to trade small stocks. Their portfolios are simply too large for smaller companies to move the needle.

At Topline Trader, we specifically target biotech stocks with low institutional ownership. Coupled with our  extensive network of analysts and scientists, this guarantees us a critical edge in the niche market of small and micro cap biotech stocks.

What You'll Get:

With Topline Trader we strive to provide our community with unmatched value. With membership, you will have exclusive access to a long list of benefits including:

  • Our Interactive FDA and Drug Development Calendar
  • Weekly Biotech Catalyst Alerts
  • Weekly Biotech Stock Analysis
  • Regular Trade Recommendations
  • Detailed Analysis of Drug Development Trials
  • Chance of Success Numbers on Every Drug Candidate we Cover
  • Chance of Success Numbers for Any Active Drug Trial or Biotech Company You Request
  • Detailed, Easy to Digest Coverage on Stocks and Drug Trials
  • Our Weekly “Grapevine” Feature: See Stocks We’ve Been Recommended Through our Network
  • Our Full Library of Company Reports
  • Options Trading Strategies to Maximize Your Leverage

Remember, these are high flying stocks in an industry that waits for no one. We’ve given you the details, all you need to do is pull the trigger:

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