Green Chip Stocks

Do well by doing good…

This is how we approach wealth creation at Green Chip Stocks.

Although there are plenty of ways to play the stock market, we prefer to profit by adhering to an investment discipline known as socially responsible investing, which considers things like environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria to generate long-term financial returns and a positive social impact.

Socially responsible investing is sometimes ridiculed by the old guard. But the fact is that companies operating in a socially responsible manner often perform quite well. Take Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), for instance. It successfully offered an alternative to the internal combustion vehicle, which is a major contributor to climate change and water and air pollution.

Tesla debuted on the Nasdaq at $19 a share. In June of 2017, the stock hit $387 a share:

Or consider Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ: WFM). The organic food retailer made a lot of early investors a lot of money:

Amazon actually announced the acquisition of Whole Foods in July 2017. The company offered Whole Foods $13.4 billion for the organic food store.

Over the years, we've done quite well by investing in companies like Tesla and Whole Foods. And as a result, our members have pulled in dozens of triple-digit gains.

One area that's really paid off for us lately is the legal cannabis market. In fact, this market is where we've landed our first quadruple-digit gains with the following stocks:

  • Aphria (TSX: APH) on 1,174%.
  • OrganiGram Holdings (TSX: OGI) on 1,185%.
  • Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) on 3,016%.

And there's still plenty of room for more of these types of gains in the legal cannabis market, which we continue to capitalize on.

These opportunities are shared in our weekly members' updates, which also include market analyses and reviews of the current stocks in our portfolio.

I also alert all members to new crowdfunding opportunities that are designed to allow regular investors the opportunity to invest in private companies. We've already invested in a number of private companies that operate in the solar, wind, and legal cannabis industries. And there are plenty more to come.

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