The Crow’s Nest

In the days of naval conquest, explorers were only as good as their lookout.

Perched atop the crow’s nest, the lookout could see for miles and identify hazardous waters, storms, or traps well before they threatened the ship. Not only did he spot the dangers, but a good lookout could spy land and opportunity to safely guide the captain to safety and prosperity.

It is for this reason the fate of most ships depended on the crow’s nest.

Today’s financial landscape shares much with the high seas of pirate lore. The world of personal finance is filled with tricks, traps, fees, and scalawags — only instead of Blackbeard coming for your booty, you have bankers, money managers, and government officials with their beady eyes fixed on emptying your pockets.

It’s time to wake up and take matters into your own hands.

You are the captain of this ship.

But a captain is only as good as his crew. And we are ready to break our backs for you.

We are your own personal crow’s nest, at your service and ready to steady the turbulent seas of finance.

We will demystify your finances and arm you with the knowledge and research you need to save, grow your money, and prosper all on your own.

The Crow’s Nest will teach you how to completely take control of your finances — from buying stocks to plotting your retirement, taking advantage of tax breaks, and simply plugging the money leaks that threaten to sink you. 

We’ve created easy-to-follow program that will help secure your finances, grow what you have, and allow you to retire comfortably instead of working until you drop — even if you’ve never bought a stock in your life.

Each issue of The Crow’s Nest will be broken down into four areas:

I. Charting the Course

In each issue, we’ll give you a way to set yourself up to safely and effectively grow your wealth — whether it’s beefing up your retirement savings, opening an IRA, setting up an emergency fund, creating wills and trusts, or even starting education funds for your children or grandchildren. 

The most important part is we’ll show you how to do it yourself — without being beholden to the money managers, government officials or bankers. We firmly believe you know what’s best for you. We will show you how to finally realize it.

II. Plugging the Leaks

A leaky boat can only last so long before it sinks.

Each and every day, money is escaping through cracks in your financial strategy. We’ll tackle these problems in each and every one of our issues.

Whether it’s eliminating fees from your mutual funds, or setting you up with a savings account that actually beats inflation… Maybe it’s cluing you in to easy ways to save big money on insurance or do-it-yourself brick and mortar stuff like sealing your windows and conserving your electricity… You’d be shocked at how each little middling fee and unnecessary cost adds up.

It’s time to keep your money from needlessly drying up each and every day.

III. Tying Down the Mast

In the choppy waters of the financial markets, sometimes the best offense is a good defense.

We’ll show you how to safeguard your portfolio during times of turmoil. Sometimes all it takes is a simple hedge: some healthy dividend stocks, exposure to precious metals, or flat-out bailing on the market until the dust settles.

Whatever the situation, if there’s a storm brewing, we’ll give you options to hang on to your spoils and save your portfolio from plummeting.

IV. Plundering

Sometimes money is right there for the taking. When we spot a safe opportunity to push some easy gains your way, we won’t hesitate to tip you off. 

We’ll also take you through the stock-buying process one step at a time.

No need to fear if you’ve never traded a stock in your life… It’s far easier than the financial cartel will have you believe. 

We’re ready to set sail. We hope you’ll join us.

To your wealth,

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Alex Koyfman
Investment Director