The Wealth Advisory

As you already know, at The Wealth Advisory, we know retirement is the #1 concern for millions of today’s investors.

Two all-too-recent stock market crashes left us with unstable banks, high unemployment, a weak housing market, and high levels of government debt around the world.

And now millions of Americans are unprepared to claim the retirement they desire…

Even after a massive bull market that’s pulled major indices up to all-time highs, the fear that the next correction or crash is right around the corner still pervades the minds of countless people.

And quite frankly, the paltry gains the mutual fund industry has given (even during this rally) aren’t enough to reverse the kind of damage another crash will cause.

Time to Fire Your Advisor

But we’re convinced that an individual investor can safely and easily grow his or her wealth 20% to 25% a year using the proper low-risk investments. We also know the tax advantages of dividend income (taxed at a 15% rate) just can’t be overstated.

So, whether you’ve already retired, are a few years away, or have decades to invest…

You can confidently grow your wealth regardless of the risks to the economy or stock market.

This perspective is the driving force behind The Wealth Advisory — long-term positions in growth-oriented and income-generating investments.

The Power of Growth

It’s a somewhat common belief that to get the best returns from dividend stocks, you simply have to seek out the highest reliable dividend and you’ll be set.

Unfortunately, that theory doesn’t hold up.

Let’s take a look…

If you put $5,000 into a $50 stock that pays 8% a year and held it 20 years, your investment would be worth $24,377.

That’s a 487% gain.

Not bad. But it could be a lot better… That same $5K in a stock that pays just 3% — but grows that payment at 20% a year — would be worth $4,055,388 after 20 years.

That’s a phenomenal 81,327% gain.

There are two things we can conclude here:

  1. You can grow your wealth and provide yourself a comfortable retirement.
  2. The real secret to building wealth is to uncover stocks that will grow both their share prices and their dividends each and every year.

The sooner you get started with The Wealth Advisory, the quicker you can start beating Wall Street and make your retirement dreams a reality.