Options Trading Pit

Welcome to the Options Trading Pit.

The market has been on fire over the last four years.  The easiest way to profit has been to buy call options and count the money.

You see, it really all comes down to a simple fact: Options offer the potential to make hundreds — even thousands — of percentage point gains on your investment, often in just days.

And with our economy still in flux, the opportunity for epic gains in options has never been greater.

All you need is the right guide. 

Tell me this: When a stock rallies just 15% from your entry price while the option runs up 150%, which gain would you take? Options are the reason we were able to easily rake in substantial gains, regardless of what the market was doing.

In the last few months we've been crushing it with highly successful calls on Manchester United, Manpower, Encana, and ABG just to pick a few off our short list.

Once a week I'll bring you another chance to make 41%, 140%, or 185% gains. Last week we made money on The GAP puts. 

And that's just a taste of what we've raked in for readers, all while the underlying stocks moved at just a fraction of those figures.

The only question now is: Do you have the guts to make real money in this market?

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