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Pure Energy Trader is a trading advisory unlike any other.

Unlike those in some of Angel Publishing's other services, the recommendations Keith Kohl shares with Pure Energy Trader readers aren't buy and holds, which may take up to three years to reach full value...

Members of this service are after the fast money.

Of course, with the flood of opportunities hitting the market lately, the fast money is turning into the easy money.

And just to be clear: No one is complaining at all about the track record for any of our buy-and-hold services. Nothing will ever change the fact that investors can make good, solid returns by maintaining a portfolio filled with stocks we like for the long term. In fact, Keith believes keeping buy-and-holds is critical to your portfolio's health. It's the perfect complement to the trades we'll be issuing over the coming days, months, and years.

In order to make sure every one of our subscribers has the ability to get maximum value out of each recommendation, membership will be capped at 3,000 people. And membership is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.

You may be wondering...

Why cap membership at all?

The truth is if we allowed an unlimited number of investors to join, we could easily push the stock prices up several hundred percent, completely ruining the situation for all but the first few to secure their positions. It's as simple as that.

But for those of you who do make the cut, here's what Keith is promising you...

With Pure Energy Trader, you won't ever simply see a company's name, a small write-up, and the words "buy." You deserve more in-depth information. You deserve to know every last detail. You deserve to know the ins and outs yourself, before you call your broker or execute an online trade.

And that's exactly what PET aims to give you. In short, with every new trade and recommendation, you'll also get an exclusive, highly-detailed report that fills you in with as much information as you could possibly need, short of flying to a site, yourself and visiting with the CEO.

What sort of information?

Well for starters, you'll see:

  • A detailed business description
  • Previous stock performance
  • Quarterly return on equity
  • An earnings per share analysis
  • Why it's recommended
  • Company highlights
  • Updated industry analysis
  • How we rank it
  • And much, much more

Of course, when it comes time to sell, you'll also be informed immediately. After all, we don't want to hold on to these opportunities for long... We're in it for the fast money.

Our latest investment report delves into the ONE ingredient that the world's largest tech companies like Tesla are desperate to get their hands on. And you can read all about the tiny stock that will be the first to produce this critical material in the United States.

You absolutely must check this one out... simply click here for the full presentation.  

How many trades can you expect?

Realistically, depending on news, laws, updates, and technology over any 12-month period, members could see anywhere from only 17 trades in a year to well over 75.

If the amount of trades bothers you — if you're only looking for one or two opportunities a year — then this service isn't for you. But if you're comfortable seeing your bank account balance surge and feeling the rush of executing trades within a matter of weeks or days, consider joining us right now.

Trades will be delivered via email. No Faxes. This is so everybody receives the trade at approximately the same time, so everyone will be on equal footing.

This style of trading — not to mention the rewards it can bring — is not for everybody. By signing up for the Pure Energy Trader, you're elevating yourself into the top tier of the trading community.

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