New Century Report


Investment analyst Alex Koyfman has been practicing and honing his leading-the-trend investing strategy for more than a decade, trading little-known companies before the mainstream investment community piles in.

The approach has yielded spectacular results, both for himself and for his readers.

In just the last two years, Alex's portfolio has locked in gains of 300%, 210%, 96%, 90%, 87%, and much more — all with brief hold times averaging just several weeks.

With a new political atmosphere slowly enveloping the nation, Alex is predicting an unprecedented rise in previously dormant market trends.

A number of industries are looking at historic growth potential as the nation's social and economic balance shifts, with upwards of $40 billion in consumer spending migrating into these traditionally quiet sectors.

As a full-privilege subscriber to New Century Report, you can expect:

  • Detailed reports on the best and most promising companies that stand to experience record growth in the next four to eight years.
  • Weekly market updates to keep you up to speed with what's going on in the grand scheme.
  • Monthly issues with portfolio updates, actionable information on open positions, and buy and sell alerts.
  • Full-service customer care, by phone five days a week or via email 24/7.

How often will I receive New Century Report?

You'll get four market updates per month and a longer issue published monthly.

In the event of sudden changes, you will also receive our special alerts that detail what you should do and why.

Though hold times will vary greatly from stock to stock, the general expectation for New Century Report will be between 6 and 12 months.

What are the financial markets that these recommendations typically trade on?

New Century Report will focus on U.S. stock markets like the Nasdaq and the NYSE, with some focus on less mainstream markets like the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) and the TSX Venture Exchange. Take a look at Alex's latest presentation here. Alex has found a small company that has Elon Musk quite concerned and is taking billions of dollars in business from Tesla. 

What are some of Alex's current readers saying about his services?

“Hi Alex... just wanted to share the good news with you. Between LiCo and Alset alone, I’ve already made back more than 10 times my subscription fee in 6 months. Life is good!” — F. Howard

“Thank you for the sell. I made a quick $1,300.” — W. Gray

Click here to learn more about New Century Report and about the three trend-leading stocks Alex just added to the portfolio.

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