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There's one mantra that's carried me through more than 7 years with this portfolio: buy stocks when they are trading for pennies on the dollar.

That's it. That's our focus.

Insider Alert focuses on stocks trading below the underlying worth of the business. That is what I spend most of my time doing — finding dollar bills trading for 50 cents.

Stocks added to the portfolio are then held, and sold only when two circumstances happen. You’ll know when to sell the day I add the stock to the portfolio. No more watching the market or being glued to a computer screen.

You'll soon find that I don't hold anything back: there's no point in deluding yourself. You can't always win, and not every stock will make money.

But my time-tested strategy focuses on real numbers rather than market hype, which gives me and my readers a better chance at profits than the average trader.

I also resist the urge to trade every day. My stocks are picked because they offer the greatest bang for the buck. We buy stocks the same way you would buy a business: find a financially sound business trading for a bargain price — no emotion required! Just simple logic.

A stock either makes the cut, or it doesn't.

But as Warren Buffett once said, investing is simple, not easy.

That's why I'm offering you the chance to take advantage not only of my straightforward investing strategy, but my years of experience on the floor of the New York Futures Exchange, as a money manager, and hedge fund manager.

The lessons I learned from over 30 years in the market there have been invaluable, and I'm excited to share that knowledge with you and show you how to really make money in the markets.

Join us today.

All my best,

Charles Mizrahi
Editor, Insider Alert

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