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To this day, I still consider my first experiences on the floor of the New York Futures Exchange my real education in finance.

For more than a decade, I've expanded these portfolios based on the single most important lesson I learned there: it's all about valuation.

A Wall Street old timer took me aside when I just started out and said, "son, if you can’t understand the business, then you can’t value it. If you can’t value it, you have no damn reason to invest in it."

Let me tell you something: all of those traditional trading tools are useless once you understand how to figure out a business's real worth.

That's why Park Avenue Investment Club focuses in on companies which are financially sound and are trading at bargain prices. Of course, I'll pay a bit more for a particularly well-run company, but never will I pay more for the promise of a rosy future.

By joining Park Avenue Investment Club, you've made a move into a real trading approach that actually makes money and has the record to back that claim up.

I cover three portfolios here: Prime Time for large- to mid-cap stocks, Special Situations for mid- to small-cap stocks, and Bargain Basement for small caps at especially affordable prices.

And every stock added meets my specific trading criteria. This set of rules has led me to some great gains, and it can do the same for you.

Let my tried-and-true value investing strategies and my years on the market floor work for you!

Join us today.

All my best,

Charles Mizrahi
Editor, Park Avenue Investment Club

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