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Welcome to The Cutting Edge — an investment newsletter focused on the companies at the forefront of technology and science.

Every day, we scour through public companies in search of state-of-the-art developments.

We look for innovators poised to become the next Microsoft, the next Apple, or the next Google.

In doing so, we seek to replicate some of the biggest stock market returns of the last 20 years — 90% of which have been in technology and biotech.

Returns such the 6,244% gain seen from Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ: CELG), 6,334% from Biogen Idec (NASDAQ: BIIB), and 9,232% from Qualcomm Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM) — enough to turn a simple $10,000 dollar investment into well over $9 million.

To accomplish this, we have to get in early, which means The Cutting Edge portfolio is composed primarily of small-cap and aggressive growth stocks. It is not designed to represent a fully diversified portfolio; instead, it is there to help you diversify your own.

We like to stress this point.

At The Cutting Edge, we firmly believe in the importance of making your own investment decisions, as well as the power of taking control of your finances. We maintain that how you allocate your assets is up to you and will depend on your individual situation.

Some investors have a low tolerance for risk, while others prefer to maximize reward. The information provided at The Cutting Edge caters more to the latter, though it's widely recommended that at least 20% of any portfolio should be allocated to small-cap stocks.

This is where we come in.

Most investors aren't able to dedicate the amount of time and resources required to executing successful small-cap trades. Small-cap investing requires a great deal of research, which is why it's our mission at The Cutting Edge to cut through the noise so you don't have to.

We pay for industry reports, read through SEC filings, and trade on a unique selection of technical triggers to save you the hassle.

We break down technology into accessible terms so you can fully understand what you're investing in, and we trade on binary pipeline events that could as much as double share value in a matter of hours.

Our Strategy

At The Cutting Edge we refute the idea of an efficient market and believe the fastest way to make money on The Street is to exploit irrational pricing.

To accomplish this, we trade exclusively in irrationally priced markets. This includes small caps, emerging technologies, and biotechs with near-term catalysts. By investing in areas others are unsure about, we take advantage of the market's inefficiency.

To recognize this inefficiency, we use a combination of in-depth research and volume-based technical indicators. We focus on volume because it shows us the size of the crowd and accurately illustrates when buying and selling pressure has been exhausted.

We combine our unique set of volume indicators with Bollinger Bands to identify overbought and oversold conditions, and we execute trades accordingly.

For readers who are unfamiliar with technical indicators and the small-cap universe, we subscribe to the age-old adage about the difference between giving a man a fish and teaching him to catch one on his own. (Please visit our reports tab for strategies on small-cap and volume trading.)

For each trade, we explain our decision-making process in clear and concise terms. We make sure you understand exactly why every trade is being executed on both the fundamental and the technical level.

Our latest report focuses on a company that has developed a miracle treatment that is making waves in the medical community. We call it "The Lazarus Project."

What You'll Get

With every trade recommendation, you'll receive an exclusive, highly-detailed report including:

  • A detailed business description
  • Previous stock performance
  • Clear and detailed technical analysis
  • Why it's being recommended
  • Up-to-date industry analysis
  • Share value analysis
  • Company highlights
  • Exclusive rankings
  • And more...

Remember, these are high flying stocks in an industry that waits for no one.

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