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After almost two decades working in the trenches of Wall Street, I set out to create the one service that I know works time and time again.

In fact, it's the only method that's proven through the centuries to make people rich... 

It is a system that goes back to the early 1800s, when British inventor Baron Von Rothschild said, "The time to buy is when blood runs in the streets, even if that blood is your own." He should know. The good baron made a fortune buying during the panic that preceded Waterloo.

This money-making method is also current with the likes of Warren Buffett. Back in late 2008, as presidential candidate John McCain panicked and rushed Washington from the campaign trail to save the banks, Mr. Buffett was stepping in to buy GE at a steep discount. GE went from $7 to $27 since then.

The Crisis and Opportunity system can be summed up with four words so simple, a five-year-old could understand them: "Buy fear. Sell greed."

If you follow this simple logic, you are on your way to wealth.

Buy Fear for Profits

Some of you may know me from the 14 years I spent as a senior analyst with such publications as Crisis Trader, Red Zone Profits, The GRESSOR, and Taipan

Over the years, I've realized the biggest profits were made when you bought just as everyone was selling...

Buying fear and selling greed is the name of the game. The greater the fear, the bigger the profits.

But I won't lie to you: This type of investing takes guts. Because in many ways, it runs contrary to your natural way of doing things. After all, we humans want to group together and form a posse with which to take on the challenge. Once we set off, we stay the course.

This natural grouping instinct is fine while fending off lions on the plains of Africa, but it's deadly when it comes to investing...

In fact, when everyone has bought — when the herd is all heading in the same direction — then, by definition, there is no one left to buy... and everyone left to sell.

The market must go down.

I've beaten the market for more than 15 years, each and every year, using this simple philosophy coupled with the kind of rigorous due diligence that sends your humble editor to all corners of the globe in search of tremendous value.

Sometimes I'll direct you to Crisis and Opportunity scenarios right in your own backyard. And the bigger the sell-off, the higher the fear... and the more profits for you.

Remember when the commodity bubble blew up in late 2008? All the hedge funds were getting hit by margin calls and dumping their portfolios to survive. No one could get credit to fund mining or drilling operations. The price of everything from potash to uranium was dropping like a stone.

On December 15, in the face of that wailing and moaning, I recommended four gold companies that traded in New York, each with a solid balance sheet. A few had market values lower than the cash they had in the bank.

Now that's value!

And that's exactly the type of profit I aim to find for you...

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Here's to a long and profitable relationship,

Christian DeHaemer
Founder and Editor, Crisis and Opportunity

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