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GPS, night vision, thermal imaging, virtual reality, cloud computing, even the internet itself…

These were all, at one point, highly-classified technologies monopolized by the government and the military. 

That is, until they weren’t. 

Every single one of these technologies was brought to market. And every single one made a fortune for early investors. 

Of course, all you would have needed to profit along with them would have been a heads-up — a friendly warning that something big was about to break. 

If only you knew someone on the inside — an engineer, a politician, a government contractor, or even just knew about a discreetly filed patent or trademark. 

A needle in a haystack, basically.

Well, I’m Jason Simpkins and that’s exactly what I aim to provide. 

I’ve spent years cultivating contacts and poring over mind-numbing government disclosures to ascertain the hints and secrets about government technologies that are on the brink of going mainstream.

I dive deep into major areas of research and development that are quietly raking in billions of investment dollars from the government and its partners. And I come up with investment opportunities based on what I find.

In just the past few years, I’ve come up with profit-making plays on hypersonic missiles, energy beams and high-powered lasers, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition technology. 

All of these were technologies quietly developed in government labs, but they found their way into the commercial market, where they’re now making money for the companies behind them.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Because the government and its private sector partners are always working on the next big thing — the next piece of game-breaking technology that gives them an advantage over our adversaries.

No doubt, the U.S. government’s $80 billion black budget is a treasure trove for the companies that get to dip into it. 

But it’s also a roadmap for investors. All you need is a guide. Someone who knows how to navigate its dark turns and twisted hallways. 

You just need someone to let you in on the secret.

Well, like I said, that’s what I’m here for.

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Fight on,

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Jason Simpkins

Simpkins is the founder and editor of Secret Stock Files, an investment service that focuses on companies with assets — tangible resources and products that can hold and appreciate in value. He covers mining companies, energy companies, defense contractors, dividend payers, commodities, staples, legacies and more…

In 2023 he joined The Wealth Advisory team as a defense market analyst where he reviews and recommends new military and government opportunities that come across his radar, especially those that spin-off healthy, growing income streams. For more on Jason, check out his editor’s page.

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