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You often hear stories about professional investors closing obscene percentage gains on early-stage venture capital investments.

Investors like Reid Hoffman, whose $40,000 investment in Facebook, when they were just a tiny startup, is worth close to $1 billion today.

The problem is, all you do is hear these stories. Because you're not one of the insiders, and have no access to private companies like kind Facebook was when Mr. Hoffman made his investment, you'll never get live out the dream yourself.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Right now, as you read this, there are companies out there, trading on the markets, with their stock available to you, which have the same kind of growth potential as Facebook, or Google, or Twitter, or any of the big household names which made other people rich in the last few years.

They're still small… Sometimes downright tiny at less than $50 million market capitalization, but that's exactly the stage you want to find a company if you want to maximise your profit potential.

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I remember the first time I sold a stock for a triple digit gain, and I promise you, it will be a cherished memory for you too.

Right now, the high tech sector has never been more active, or more fertile with new ideas, processes and technologies that will be shaping our world for decades to come.

And as history has shown, there is no faster way to build a small investment into a true nestegg than by nailing the right tech or biotech play at the just the right moment.

What stops most people? Fear of risk.

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