Bull and Bust Report

After two decades working in the muck of Wall Street, I've realized we are at a turning point. The fraud and manipulation, the hype and the debt, have reached a point of no return.

When the most prominent people in the global financial industry — the central bankers — are lying to your face… When they are preaching safety and at the same time printing an unprecedented and overwhelming amount of debt… Then you know something is wrong.

When the financial elite can get away with scams, bailouts, and robbery in cahoots with the government… and not one person goes to jail… You know it isn't too big to fail — it already has.

When the speed of fiber optics and the formulas for black box machines have more power than human thought… it is no longer a market… it's not even a casino — it’s a vehicle for theft.

I created the Bull and Bust Report to let you know there are options. So you can not only protect yourself but also profit from Federal Reserve–created bubbles… and escape the subsequent busts.

Our latest report discusses the current chip shortage and what you can do to invest in the one company solving this crisis…

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Money is Good

The Bull and Bust Report can be summed up with a timeless phase: Absque argento omnia vana, or “Without money, all is in vain.” I don't care if you plan to take care of your family, build a new house, or simply live well while the world crumbles around you. You can't do it unless you are financially secure.

If you're not there yet, Bull and Bust Report aims to get you there.

If you are there, Bull and Bust Report will keep you there.

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To your wealth,

christian dehaemer

Chris DeHaemer
Investment Director, Bull and Bust Report