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Formerly known as the Bull & Bust Report, the R.I.C.H Report (Retired Independent Carefree Healthy) is an investment research service has made several winning stock recommendations… one after another after another…

The ones that really stick out in my mind was when we recommended companies offering technologies to perform “cashless” transactions. One particular Bull & Bust core, cashless investment was Visa – now up 200%!

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

If you remember, many businesses like the breakfast and morning coffee mainstay, Dunkin, the fast food-giant McDonalds, and even liquor stores started requiring their customers to pay with only debit and credit cards because they were no longer accepting cash, for fear that physical money could spread the covid virus.

It was a crazy time. People were scared. Chaos and confusion were rampant. Fear overtook the markets.

But we took a different approach. We actually invested into the fear, buying great companies at massive discounts. And we made legendary fortunes during and after the covid crisis.

But as covid fades away, another crisis emerges on the horizon.

It’s a crisis that has the potential to be 10x bigger and harmful, but way more profitable than any crisis before it. It’s a once-and-a-lifetime event that has the potential to change everything you do in your everyday life. And it’s a crisis that has forced me to come out of semi-retirement to help you get through it with flying colors.

I consider it to be the battle of my career, if not my life. And I’m ready. And I know you are too.

You see, the United States of America is about to enter into what I call an “Age of Uncertainty.” When you look around the world, you see that we are on the precipice of World War 3. In fact, there are some reports that Americans are already fighting against the Russians in Ukraine.

China has its eyes on Taiwan. And maybe even more.

Inflation is out of control. Housing prices have nearly doubled in a few short years. So have mortgage rates. A total housing collapse could be closer than we think.

But here’s the real kicker… I’m talking about a real crisis heading towards us like a tsunami: U.S. debt is ballooning to unthinkable levels.

Check this out…

Forbes reported that U.S. national debt will reach $89 trillion in 2029. That’s just 5 years away! And Bank of America debt analysts reported just last month they expect that $5 billion will be added to U.S. debt every single day for the next 10 years.

Think about that. That’s approximately $208 million every single hour… $3.5 million every single minute… and $58,000 every single second of debt added every single day!!!

That’s why the U.S. government has your savings, retirement funds and even your social security in its crosshairs. They want it.

The government needs someone else besides China to finance its skyrocketing debt. And that someone is YOU.

Obama already attempted to get you to finance the national debt by offering a retirement plan guaranteed by the U.S. government. If you remember, it was called the myRA. The plan was to have Americans contribute their retirement funds into a myRA. In return, the myRA would invest in government treasuries, ie, debt!

The plan fell on its face when not enough Americans didn’t sign up for it.

But that just means the U.S. government went to Plan B.

As you read this, Congress is discussing raising the retirement age for you to get access to your Social Security benefits that you’ve been paying into for decades. And they’re also salivating to get their corrupt, greedy hands on the estimated $36.7 trillion in total retirement assets owned by Americans.

It’s crazy.

But I know you’re like me. You don’t want to give the government a damn dime more if you don’t have to. So it’s our mission to make as much money as possible while we still can. And we will build a fortress around our wealth so the corrupt, wasteful government can’t get its greedy hands on it.

The R.I.C.H. Report is a comprehensive wealth-generating and wealth-preserving service made with you in mind. 

Join us today.

We will always get to the good grass first,

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