Sean McCloskey

If there’s one thing you need to know about market analyst Sean McCloskey, it’s this: He’s the epitome of a self-made man. He didn’t come from money, but he’s earned a lot of it... and not only for himself but his for followers too. 

And if you get the chance to share drinks with Sean at a bar, before long, he’ll probably tell you about his first investment...

You see, Sean’s great-grandmother, Bubba, left him 18 shares of IBM stock back in the early 1980s. By preschool, he had a stake in the market. At the advice of his parents, he held onto that position for 16 years. Then, after a decade of sideways action, the 1990s tech boom began. Sean’s shares in IBM surged, and the stock split twice over the next few years. He ultimately turned his original stake worth $450 into $9,000!

Ask Sean what that experience taught him, and he’ll tell you something that still drives his trading philosophy today:

The experience made me realize very early on that investing in stocks can have immediate and tangible benefits for anyone. You don’t have to be rich to see positive results. People invest for different reasons and have different goals. As long as you achieve those goals, that’s success in my eyes. I needed to fund my college education, and staying invested in IBM — and selling when I did — helped me do that.

Now, as the managing editor of Naked Trades and a contributing editor to the publications Energy and Capital and Christian DeHaemer’s Bull and Bust Report, Sean’s singular mission is to help you achieve your financial goals through smart investing. You can trust him to do so.

Over the years, he’s covered virtually every sector of the market, from cannabis to small-cap tech stocks, and has produced dozens of triple-digit wins for his followers — not to mention scores of double-digit returns as well. 

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